Top 10 Reasons to Camp At Blue Heron Trailer Park in Dunnville, Ontario

Top 10 Reasons to Camp At Blue Heron Trailer Park in Dunnville, Ontario

Some Reasons Entirely Unique to Blue Heron

The following list has some items that may apply to other parks also.  However we do try to make everyone’s stay at Blue Heron as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  How many of these items would you enjoy?

  1. Refresh Before the Work Week. You can wake up, at whatever time you like in the morning to the naturals sounds of birds signing. A dose of fresh air is one of the best ways to clear your mind before the work week. Blue Heron is an adult only trailer park catering to the needs of its guests who are looking for a camping experience to enjoy the sights and sounds of the surrounding wetlands and forests. Camping gives you a newfound appreciation for mother nature.

  1. Peace of Mind. Your neighbours at Blue Heron are like minded, respectful people who are looking for a retreat within a reasonably short drive from their weekday jobs. It’s important to experience peace of mind once in a while because it helps to bring you back to a place of clarity and calmness. You’ll find this will help with your mood, as well as your ability to relax and sleep at night.

  1. Quiet Time. Blue Heron Trailer Park is a small campground with private campsites, which will provide a quiet place for you to unwind. If you really need to get that business proposal done, take your laptop and dedicate a few hours.  With no distractions and some quiet time, this could be the best proposal you’ve ever written.

  1. Social activities (if you like). Sure, you can socialize in your everyday life, but in today’s world socialization doesn’t always mean the same thing. We spend a lot of time emailing, texting, or interacting on facebook. And when we do meet up in person, sometimes it can be rushed or in a busy, distracting setting, like a restaurant. The social benefits of camping with friends are much more enriching because you get to spend time away from all of the gadgets and distractions. You’ll get to really talk to your friends and spend quality time with them. Studies have also shown that socialization can extend your lifespan, as well as improve brain function and memory loss. Blue Heron Trailer Park also has several planned social activities during the season for park guests.  See the calendar for more details.

  1. Stress Relief. Blue Heron Trailer Park provides well maintained grounds and sites. The park has many trees in landscaped lots and in the forested walking trails on the North side of the park.  One of the health benefits of trees is a natural de-stressing system that can put you at ease and help lower your blood pressure. Trees release oxygen. The more oxygen you take in, the more you release serotonin, which makes you feel happy. In addition, when you breathe in more oxygen, your body experiences less strain.

  1. Full Service Connections. Water, sewage and 30AMP electrical hookups on all sites with 50AMP service available on some sites. As a seasonal guest you’ll have the benefit of worry free connection to RV hookups. We’re happy to make all the connections for you.  Included with your site is a custom PVC waste line built to fit your trailer.

  1. Stay Active. The Park is dedicated to all guests including those with walking challenges . The washrooms and redesigned sites were made to accommodate guests who are experiencing knee problems or other physical concerns. Sites have been remodeled with separate walkways to the trailer constructed with cement pathways and railings, wide enough for mobility devices.

  1. You Get Far Away From Technology. There’s no Wi-Fi in the park. So you can unplug and breathe in the fresh outdoor air and you can start to forget about some of your worries- even if it is just until you head back to reality.

  1. Different and Exciting Meals. Food tastes better when you are camping. Camping gives you an excuse to cook hot dogs on sticks and burgers on the grill. Get creative with the campfire and cook your favourite dinner differently than you do at home. Buy different food items and have fun creating a delicious meal out of them. Ribs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, Jiffy Pop and roasted marshmallows – typical camping food is some of the best-tasting food and it tastes even better in the fresh air. Cooking over an open flame or over a grill gives burgers an intense flavor and s’mores can’t be done well on the stove at home.

  1. Rekindle Relationships. Even in the summer, everyone’s schedule is busy. Sitting around the campfire talking is on way to reconnect with friends and family. Good conversation is easily pushed aside, yet we need it so desperately.  Whether it’s with your family, friends or significant other, use camping as a way to reconnect with one another.


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