The Great Blue Heron in the Park

The Great Blue Heron in the Park

Thank you Katherine for sending in this photo last week.  This heron was captured in the pond at the park having a snack.  We are fortunate here at Blue Heron Trailer Park to be able to observe these amazing birds.  They are after all the park’s namesake.

About the bird:

Water and land are both necessary for the great blue heron. It hunts for fish, amphibians, insects and other small animals in both salt and freshwater, but builds its nest in trees, bushes or on the ground. To hunt, a heron will either stand completely still and wait patiently for its prey or it will wade into the water to drive its prey out. When the time is right, it will lunge its neck into the water and usually swallow the prey in one gulp.

About the park:

We are in mid-season right now.  There remain some sites available and also there are some trailers for sale.  Check out our listings and browse the photos.  With all the rain we had this spring the park is now in great shape.  The plants and trees have benefited from the extra water.  Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to inquire about a site.


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