RV Season Just Around the Corner

RV Season Just Around the Corner
Fifth Wheel trailer interiors can be spacious with dual slides and lots of windows.

It’s a new year – and that can mean only one thing: RV season is just around the corner. As always, we’ll be opening for the season at the end of May, but don’t let that stop you from reserving your site today! We have two sites available for 2016. We currently accept reservations by telephone (905)-774-3800 or, or e-mail guestservices@bluheron.ca, You can also fill out the reservation form online.

Thinking about a new trailer?

The RV show in Hamilton is on January 22-26, 2016.

The Toronto RV Show is on February 11-15, 2016

The Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show is on February 25-28, 2016

Featuring Fifth Wheels

For anyone seeking maximum living space for a given trailer length, the fifth-wheel trailer category is the place to look. Fifth Wheels have become the RV of choice for most full-time RVers.

Models are available with a wide range of typical RV appliances and some not so typical, such as a built-in washer and dryer. Slide-out room extensions are common with the large, high-end models pickup truck as the tow vehicle.

It is extremely important to match the weight of a fifth-wheel trailer to a truck of adequate towing capacity. A relatively new arrival on the RV scene is the medium-duty truck for towing the larger fifth-wheel trailers. A new, medium-duty model is expensive, costing as much as $50,000 or more, but it makes a very desirable tow vehicle for the large units.

Some people object to having to drive a heavy-duty truck when the trailer is parked; however, for maximum living space at realistic prices, the large fifth-wheel trailer is hard to beat. Even the largest fifth-wheel models are relatively easy to tow with the right vehicle.

Prices for fifth-wheels can range from $12,000 to $90,000.

See you in the Spring!


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