Mobile Home Park vs. Trailer Park

Mobile Home Park vs. Trailer Park

We’ve had a number of recent inquiries about full-time and permanent living arrangements at Blue Heron Trailer Park.  We’ll answer those questions here and more.

Let’s first be clear.  We are not a park for permanent living.  Our park is for vacation RV units.  The type of RV’s in our park are towable and drivable.  Typically, we see travel trailers and fifth wheel units and from time to time we also have guests camping with a Class A motorhome.

Features of a Mobile Home Park

  • Permanent Living
  • Can be primary residence of unit owner
  • 11 months or more
  • Mobile Home Unit (usually with skirting)
  • Insulated for winter use
  • Residential HVAC

Features of a Trailer Park (Blue Heron)

  • Vacation Stay
  • Occupant cannot be primary residence at Blue Heron
  • Seasonal Living (May to October)
  • Recreational Vehicle, Travel Trailers, Fifth-Wheels and Motorhomes
  • Not Insulated for winter use

Blue Heron Trailer Park is not a mobile home park.  Vacation RV parks and campgrounds are different from a mobile home park.  If you are looking for full time or year-round living, then you’ll need to find a mobile home park.

What are the differences between parks?

Blue Heron Trailer Park RV’s are situated on large landscaped lots without permanent attachments such as decks, awnings or car ports.  The RV must be able to easily move.  We’re not saying the unit has to move, however it must have the ability to move.  This is key to ensuring that your stay is seasonal in accordance with the local by-law.

The only permanent resident of Blue Heron Trailer Park is the park owner.  All other park occupants are guests of the park.  This is an important difference compared to a mobile home park.  In a mobile home park your primary residence may be your mobile home.  You could have an address and receive mail in a mobile home park.

Mobile home parks and Trailer parks also have different zoning bylaws.  According to bylaw #4.61 of Haldimand County “PARK, TENT AND TRAILER” shall mean an area of land used for tenting and camping facilities or for the temporary parking of motor homes, park models and travel trailers for recreational purposes on a regular basis from April 15 to October 31, inclusive, in the same calendar year.  Such an establishment may be used for the storage of motor homes, park models and travel trailers over the winter months, provided they are not used for human habitation.

The Ontario Building Code only permits a park model to be occupied for 9 months, where a mobile home can be occupied year-round. Recreational vehicles or park model trailers are intended for seasonal living, not yearlong use. For example, ventilation systems in RV’s are not intended for yearlong living.

A final point which really makes staying in a trailer park all year impractical.  It’s cold here in Ontario.  The winters can be harsh.  Travel trailers and fifth-wheel RV’s do not have the kind of insulation necessary to maintain warmth in the winter months.  RV’s in our park cannot operate in the winter.  Mobile homes can be manufactured for our Canadian winters.  They typically have skirting around the basement and can be equipped with residential HVAC equipment.

We hope this helps explain the difference between Mobile Home Parks and Trailer Parks.  If you are looking for a seasonal campground, browse our website and please contact us for further inquiries.

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