Location – How to Find Us

The Blue Heron Trailer Park is located:

  • 1 hour 52 minutes from Toronto
  • 1 hour 10 minutes minutes from Hamilton
  • 1 hour 20 minutes from Buffalo
  • 2 hours 17 minutes from London

GPS coordinates are: N42°50.651’W079°45.932′

Directions from the North: Make your way to Talbot Road (Hwy 3), head south onto Kohler Rd. (Hwy 8) Turn left onto Lakeshore Rd. Trailer park is on the left, 2093 Lakeshore Rd.

If your trailer is a tall 5th wheel, avoid the low hanging branches on the Lakeshore. Use Rainham Rd., go to Bookers Rd., head south to Lakeshore and then turn left.

Driving Directions

Here are the exact driving directions with distances using your odometer . Starting point from Q.E.W. and Centenial Parkway (#20)

  1. #20 TO #56 ——–8Km.
  2. #56 TO #3——–23Km.
  3. Right on#3 to Kohler Rd——–9.5Km
    (note) Before you get to Kolher Rd. you’ll go through the town of Cayuga. They have a grocery store and L.C.B.O.
  4. Left on Kohler Rd to Rainham Rd——–11.1Km.
  5. Left on Rainham Rd. to Booker Rd——–4.7Km.
  6. Right on Booker Rd. to Lakeshore Rd——–1.7Km. (The Booker Rd. sign is very small)
  7. Left on Lakeshore Rd. To the Blue Heron Trailer Park——–1.7km


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