Carnations on Mother’s Day

Carnations on Mother’s Day

A sign of our global culture.  Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day are now largely interchangeable names describing a day honouring motherhood.

Mothering Sunday had its roots in the Roman festival of mother goddess Cybele.  When Europe converted to Christianity, the fourth Sunday in Lent, (Laetare Sunday) became a time to honour the Virgin Mary and visit the ‘mother’ Church.

By the 1930’s Mothering Sunday was no longer celebrated in Europe but inspiration came from the United States.  Ann Jarvis worked from 1868 to create a Mothers’ Friendship Day to reunite families that had been divided during the Civil War’.

After Ann’s death, in 1905 her daughter Anna Marie Jarvis created Mother’s Day, which we now celebrate it as a special day for mothers around the world.  Anna Marie chose carnations for the Day as they were her mother’s favourite flowers.

The music to accompany this story comes from the Dolly Suite of Gabriel Faure.

In Britian, it was the theme music for ‘Listen with Mother’, a radio programme beloved of under fives and with mothers.

The famous opening lines of each broadcast create a warm flow of nostalgia for an entire generation.

Happy Mother’s Day


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